The Nissan Extended Service program provides you with quality long term mechanical protection and extra peace of mind.

They cover the most important components of your Nissan vehicle: Engine, Transmission, Steering, Drive Axle, Electrical, and many more. Repairs to these  parts can run up to 4,000 or more. But with a Nissan extended service plan, if a covered part fails, Nissan pays...not you.

Unlike other extended service plans, Nissan's extended service plan is exclusively for Nissan owners and backed by Nissan North America.

  Nissan Extended Service Plan: The Smart Choice 

  Nissan extended services are designed for new and previously owned Nissan vehicles-by Nissan-and offers Nissan owners: 

  • Cost effective coverage up to 7 years, or 100,000 miles, to protect your investment. Guards against loss form escalating costs of major repairs (including parts and labor). 
  • Nationwide Nissan Repair at authorized Nissan dealerships, by Nissan trained technicians. No payment hassles because the dealer is paid directly by Nissan. 
  • Customer assistance available throughout the United States. Just contact us here for more information. 866-322-2354 OR 
  • Transferable to a new owner if you sell your new Nissan before coverage expires. 
  • Convenient and economical coverage costing only pennies a day. Nissan of Keene will be Happy to explain the various financing options available to you. 
  • The cost of genuine Nissan parts is included for covered repairs - not inferior aftermarket parts.