Recent Feedback

Some Recent Feedback from our Customers:


"You have a nice service rep team in Harry, Zach, and Mandy. They seem to work well together and communicate the recommendations of your technicians very well.,,, It is always a pleasure to stop by your dealership."

-Scott J

"I just wanted to tell you about the fantastic service I received on my visit to your dealership on July 16th. Not only was the service done in a timely manner, the staff was very helpful and pleasant as always. I own a 2006 Frontier that I bought new at you're your dealership and your dealership has done all its service as well as the service on my wife's Volvo...

This last visit, between Mandy setting up the appointment, keeping me informed of the progress, Travis, helping with the bill (by the way Travis has always been extremely helpful) and Harry keeping his word and offering to have the vehicle detailed, Fantastic. Whoever handles your vehicle detailing did the most incredible job, my truck which only has 30,000 miles, looks like the day I bought it inside and out. As a matter of fact, when I was leaving a customer was walking around my truck, looking to buy, he could not believe it was a 2006.

Please extent my appreciation to all your dealership for all the great work they do."

-Dennis S

"Good morning,

I have purchased 2 Versas in the past 18 months. I am extremely pleased with the both cars and especially the service that I have had. All your people are courteous and very helpful. Great sales team, no high pressure, they didn't try to sell something I didn't want or couldn't afford, but they were very attentive and worked with me to create the best deal. Service team is also courteous and helpful. I have had the cars serviced and all my appointments have been on time and have down the work quickly and efficiently.

Your staff should be praised!"

-Joe D.

"I wanted to take a moment and write a note about my recent experience with the NOK Service Department.

Zach managed to squeeze me in with very short notice, which was great. I dropped my car the night before and there was an email waiting for me by the time I woke up the next morning (OK, so I *did* sleep past 7:30 am!). Zach communicated with me throughout the process and my car was even finished early.

... Harry and Zach had my car washed, waxed and vacuumed for me. And even made my tires shiny like they know i like. :-) My Maxima looked so pretty!

I appreciate so much the above and beyond I get from all departments at Nissan of Keene. It's so very hard to come by these days! I love being a regular at NOK. Which is why, even though I live in Merrimack, I continue to give NOK my business. It's been 11 years and I'm on my 4th vehicle from your team.

Thanks to you and your team, ... I'll be back in 2014 when my lease is up! (Unless Rob can find me a good deal sooner!! hee hee)"

-Jean F

"Mandy, Ken and Michael, all couldn't have been nicer and helpful. I purchased a 2012 Juke late May and had my first service call.I went into the waiting room, and after 15+ mins. Mandy greeted me warmly and said good to go. She helped me purchase cargo mats and helped with a few questions I had regarding the radio. All in all, a very positive experience. And, most importantly, I love my new JUKE."

-Michelle I.

"My recent service visit well very well. The issue with the visible foam to correct a rear hatch rattle was resolved to my satisfaction. At this point there is no rattle."

-Karen J.

"Just a quick note that I thought Mandy and Zach were exceptional, very accommodating and went out of their way to help me with my Nav system in my 2012 Nissan. Your service dept is the way they all should be. I will definitely be back (hopefully not too soon :) Thankyou,"

-John L
2012 Nissan Altima Coupe

"Service was definitely good and the car even got a bath when it was caked in bugs.It was quick and efficient. Thank you."

-Brianna E

"A timely fix to bluetooth problem."

-Bob V.. Ph.D.


"I wanted to compliment the service department at Nissan of Keene for excellent service I received on July 7, 2012. I was scheduled for a oil change, and was told it would take about 35 minutes and it took 35 minutes, which was amazing. I have been doing business with Nissan of Keene for going on 6 six years..."

-Billie J. H.
Owner of 2011 Nissan Frontier

"I was super impressed with any contact with the service department that I had over the phone. They were prompt, polite, and really nice..."

-abbie c

"You are indeed fortunate to have Harry as your service manager. Ask yourself each morning after your coffee, Why am I so fortunate--what have I done in my life to deserve my fine staff? Then know that you are just a lucky guy....and consider this Harry something special to show your appreciation."

-Mike D.

"I was very satisfied with everything.  As always it was great! "

-Gilbert K.

"It is always a great experience at Nissan."

"I received an email from Zach Chmielecki asking that I email you regarding service that was performed on my Sentra last Friday. As usual, the service was performed exactly as needed and was finished even before I expected....

By the way, ... When Kathy's lease is up on her Maxima, she plans on replacing it with a new Altima, which is amazing as she always gravitates to the most expensive car on the lot. Thank you for NOT having a GTR around.

And, thank you for giving me this opportunity to communicate with you.

-Curtis L. M.
Dublin, NH

"Zach/Chuck: I was very satisfied with my service at Nissan. Prior to buying the Rogue in early 2008, I had been driving Hondas for more than 20 years and was very loyal to them. I have to say, I've been really happy with my Rogue and appreciate the way your dealership takes care of me."

-Bob T

"I want to thank you for working with us on our purchase of the Nissan Rogue. I know this was an unusual deal for everyone involved, and we're very happy with the car and the outcome. We look forward to dealing with Nissan of Keene again."

-Dilly's for Kids, Keene

"You guys really do do a great job!"

-Bob T.

"I LOVE your dealership and our car! Your service department always does a great job! The time before last when my husband took the car in; it had been splashed all over with some tar. I had asked my husband to inquire as to what to use to remove it (I had started to attempt the project and it was taking a LONG time)...Your detail guy gave it a quick once over and took the tar off...the best part; no charge!!!!!! VERY good customer service!!!!!! You people are incredible! Thank you!"

-Nancy C.

"Rest assured, your guys are great, as always! I was in to have an oil change, but Zach noticed that my 15,000 mile maintenance had been overlooked last time I was in. He asked if they could do it right then, which saved me another visit. I love your dealership and was even discussing it with a co-worker today. When the topic of cars and car buying comes up, I always take the opportunity to mention the great customer service at Nissan of Keene."

-Lynn M.

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